Pet Healings:  Beth Mund is certified in Reiki Pet Healings and will offer separate pet healings upon request. 

You provide:  The name of your beloved pet and one or more photos showing their face and eyes. Please indicate the physical or emotional challenge your pet is experiencing.

Animals receive healing in small increments, as they process energy much quicker than we do. Healing sessions will be 15 minutes. You do not have to be present for pet healings and will be notified as to the date and time for your pet’s healing session. 

In home readings and healing sessions available when feasible. Please contact us for more information.

Remote Pet Healing: $25  
(15 minute session)

Beth gave me a lot of insight on Amelia’s past. I know more about her then when we adopted her from the shelter. Amelia is more relaxed since our session.


“What Jopie Taught Me”

When Jopie was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 13, I was told she would be gone in 2-4 weeks as the cancer had spread. While monitoring her pain, I was guided to introduce some alternative medicine support, including giving her multiple Reiki healings. It was then that our relationship deepened and I knew that I was connecting with her spirit. I could feel into her physical pain, and give her healing, while also supporting her emotionally. She was a teacher, supporting her family in many ways while she was with us. 

Yet, it all became obvious over the course of her illness that she was to teach me about healing and animal communication, honoring our mutual soul contract. Six months later, Jopie passed.  We knew exactly the day she wanted to leave her body.

I am honored to have had such an incredible teacher, and grateful to be able to share this healing gift and the ability to communicate with many animals and their families. Even now I feel Jopie’s spirit guiding me, expanding my connection within the animal realm to share insights.  It reaffirms how our beloved pets so beautifully play their roles, and in doing so, abundantly bless our own journeys.

– Beth Mund



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