In merging our intuitive gifts, we are able to enhance our connection with your loved ones, angels and animals to bring forward profound and life-changing messages from the Universe. 




Clear Seeing: Images, movies and visions, both past and present flash through our minds eye. 


 Clear Hearing:  Words, sounds, song lyrics, scripture or sayings.


Clear Feeling: Feeling the spirit’s emotions or physical pain, including “gut” reactions, chills and profound love in our connection with another or spirit.


Clear Knowing: Receiving “intuitive hits” and know things to be true on a deep level.

Dear Reader,

The love and insights that we received from the souls who sent us the Sacred Letters gave us a new perspective for living a life beyond fear. We are grateful to have received their words. We had to trust that we were being guided by something far greater than ourselves. In each of the messages, we recognized a precious piece of our own selves. Their stories were our stories. And we felt a wondrous connection, reaffirming the truth of our immortality, that our souls live on.

Living a life beyond fear is a journey that starts with a moment of recognition when you know without question that you are never alone. The angels and spirits are right there beside us to help us find our way back to our true self, back home. The spirits of these Sacred Letters give us a superhero cape to break free of self-doubt and fear, knowing that anything is possible. We all have the ability to tap into the unseen realm to feel boundless love and support and receive exactly what we need. The challenge is to open our minds, feel through our hearts, and connect with all there is.

We hope that you can feel the healing power of these letters, the grace that transformed us from skeptics into believers, allowing us to honor our calling as spiritual messengers. We have witnessed how these messages have changed the lives of many people with whom we have shared them.

In our journey together we are still learning, just like you; sometimes stumbling. We are humbled and awed by what we have received from Spirit and excited about what we have yet to discover. We’ll continue connecting with the many souls waiting to share their “love letters” with us—so that we can share them with you.

Thank you for joining us on this sacred journey!

Beth Mund and Berit Stover 

A fascinating metaphysical book! As Berit connects with the energy of the discarnate spirit, through her mediumistic ability, Beth channels the same soul and through automatic writing, transcribes a letter from the soul to their family and to us. The connection they have is unique and their work is empowering and inspirational.

Garry Gewant

Author, medium & hypnotherapist

What Beth and Berit have is an honest, sincere and incredible connection to Spirit. Their stories from Spirit not only inspire, but bring joy and tears. Both are truly gifted mediums bringing forth messages our hearts and souls long for.

Suz Stone


Beth Mund

Beth Mund’s essays have been featured in Elephant Journal, Grown and Flown, A Room of Her Own, Living the Second Act, Blunt Mommy, and the anthology The Walker Within as well as her inspirational blog, Alternative Perspective. Beth has a B.S. in Psychology from George Washington University and a M.S. in Psychology from Nova Southeastern University. She is certified in Reiki and Wellness Coaching. Beth lives in New Jersey with her husband, three children, and two dogs. She is the co-author of Living Beyond Fear.

Berit Stover

Berit Stover managed the Japan America Student Conference, one of the first bilateral student exchange programs between the U.S.A. and Japan, before pursuing a career in the international transportation logistics industry. She holds a B.A. in International Relations from Mount Holyoke College and has served on multiple boards for international and local non-profit organizations. Berit lives in New Jersey with her husband and twins. She is the co-author of Living Beyond Fear.