You must teach others that there is a world from beyond; that we are not just who we think we are. That nothing is as it seems.


Living Beyond Fear is an extraordinary collection of Sacred Letters channeled from spirits in the afterlife. The twenty-one distinct voices in these letters include a grandparent, yoga teacher, young boy, cheerleader, dog, famous musician, and many others who have passed from illness, accident, drug overdose, suicide, or earthquake.

These heartwarming, powerful messages received from the spiritual realm inspire us to live a fuller life, overflowing with love, purpose, and connection. They offer a glimpse of what lies beyond life’s veil, giving us guidance while helping unravel layers of self-doubt and fear that have limited us from knowing the truth about our selves and our world.

The Story Behind the Sacred Letters  

Beth Mund and I are messengers. We see, hear, feel, and receive information from the spirit realm beyond our five senses. Our combined psychic abilities have opened a portal through which spiritual communication flows smoothly and rapidly, bringing us into direct contact with the souls who dictate messages in the form of Sacred Letters.

In this first book of our Sacred Letters series, we share twenty-one of the many channeled messages we have received from the voices of spirits in recent years. The profound insights in this collection of letters encourage us to overcome self-doubt and fear, empowering us to live a purposeful life connected with spirit and overflowing with love.

The wisdom from the world beyond the veil shared in these letters is as remarkable as the way in which these spirits came into our awareness. When Beth Mund and I first met at an intuitive training workshop in February 2016, we immediately sensed a familiarity with each other. We had both attended the session that day to gain a deeper understanding of our own spiritual path and also to make sense of the messages we had been “hearing” from people who had passed.

Receiving communication from the “other” realm was a relatively new experience for both of us, as our lives up to that point had been focused on our families and professions. While we felt the truth of the messages we intuitively received, they left us feeling surprised—in awe. A new world into the unseen realm had opened up for us, altering our perception and changing our lives as the messages began coming through more frequently and in greater detail.

When we compared the information each of us was receiving in the months that followed, Beth and I were amazed to discover that what we were receiving from spirits independently was remarkably similar. We soon realized that by working together, not only could we expand this field of awareness, but we could also bring the presence of a new spirit into the other’s awareness.


This was our “Aha” moment.

Transcribing the Messages

Beth had been a writer for many years until one day she realized the words, style, and flow to her writing were coming from a voice beyond her own. Although she could not identify the one speaking, she felt the distinction between her own inspired words and the words being transcribed from spirit. Whenever this happened, Beth experienced a temporary state of detachment from the physical/material world. Later, when we began to channel spirits together, she recognized that this earlier experience had prepared her to receive messages from spirits.

For me, it was not by writing but by hearing and sensing spirits that I felt their presence in a way I could no longer ignore. Earlier in my life, I had experienced visions of departed loved ones and received messages from others just as I was about to fall asleep; but it was not until recently that my ability to perceive and hear spiritual entities expanded from simple words to fuller messages.

When a letter is about to be dictated through Beth, I can sense souls waiting nearby. Some spirits simply come into our awareness; others we seek out by intuiting signs and synchronistic events. We can sense when something is asking us to pay attention to it, as if saying, “Notice this.” For spirits to be heard, we have learned that they need to lower their energetic vibration and we need to raise ours.

Beth not only hears words as she writes, but she also sees the spirit or spirits in her mind’s eye. With an overwhelming desire to write, propelled by a sense of powerful anticipation, Beth begins quickly translating the energy flowing through her into words on her laptop, her fingers barely keeping pace. Beth’s method of channeling messages is similar to that of a court stenographer. Pages of words come through in minutes.

Collection of Sacred Letters

The twenty-one unique voices in the collection of  Sacred letters in Living Beyond Fear include a grandparent, a yoga instructor, a young boy, a cheerleader, a dog, a world-renowned musician, as well as the voices of those who have passed from illness, an accident, drug overdose, suicide, or natural disaster.

For each letter, we have provided an introduction to share details about the circumstances surrounding our communication with these souls. We have also offered our reflections in response to some of the letters. Beth was given the titles for the three parts of this book, along with other details, during a meditation. While these letters are addressed to certain individuals or groups, they are intended for all of us to take in, feel through, and share. The messages help us to grow in spirit, and to love ourselves and others.

These Sacred Letters have given us a profound feeling of connection in relation to both the spiritual realm and our physical plane. We continue finding ourselves as both messengers and passengers on this extraordinary journey.

The spirits in these messages urge us to open our minds, feel through our hearts, and connect with all that is. As Archangel Gabriel said in one of the Sacred Letters, “What will unfold for you, you cannot imagine. But one must try, for all we see and know is all we are capable of achieving.”

We sincerely thank you for joining us on this incredible journey.

Berit Stover and Beth Mund


“My connection with Frank through Berit and Beth was swift.  I felt the words were his. The emotion and confirmation I felt was overwhelming. I have been reassured of Frank’s presence around me and with me, by Frank, and that gives me peace.”

Betsy F., New Jersey

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