Personal Sacred Letter Readings and Life Coaching Sessions

We offer Personal Readings with or without a transcribed Sacred Letter from spirit. Additionally, we provide Life Coaching Sessions to help clarify and incorporate these messages into your daily life.


Our Personal Reading involves connecting with a loved one’s spirit for 60 minutes, followed by an email summary detailing all that we received.

Our Sacred Letter Reading involves connecting with a loved one’s spirit for 75 minutes, followed by an email summary detailing all we have received.  In addition, you will receive a personalized transcribed Sacred Letter, which flows through word for word from the loved one.

Sacred Letter Life Coaching takes place via phone or Skype. The initial session is 45 minutes, followed by three 30 minutes follow-up sessions per month.

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  2. Purchasing our book, Living Beyond Fear:  Sacred Letters from the Afterlife will give you additional messages to continue evolving and healing, creating the possibility of stepping into a life filled with abundance, joy, peace and love.
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Personal Reading:                             $150

Sacred Letter Reading:                     $200

Sacred Letter Life Coaching:          $225 per month


Payment is made at the time of request.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the process?
We connect with the spirit of a loved one with their first name and relationship to the one asking. You do not need to be present during our connection with your loved one.
What will my loved one share?
We cannot control what information the spirit wishes to bring forward. In our experience, the information is always healing, even when what comes forward is unexpected. Many times, patterns are identified to help the individual requesting the reading move forward to release emotional and physical blocks. Much of what we feel, see and hear from the spirit has to do with the here and now. All of this opens the individual to greater awareness and possibilities.
What is the difference between a Personal Reading and a Sacred Letter Reading?
The Personal Reading brings forth information from the spirit’s Personality about the spirit’s life, the one requesting the reading and their relationship. This normally provides confirmation that we are indeed connected with the spirit. This information relates to what has occurred in the past. It is both affirming and relieving to know our loved ones are still with us, only in a different form.

The Sacred Letter Reading brings forward powerful messages from the spirit’s Higher Self, about an issue from the past relationship or a current challenge going on in the one requesting the reading’s life. It then provides encouragement and feedback on how to move forward. It is a road map, per say, for how to move beyond the PAST! The Sacred Letter is transcribed word for word from the spirit and may also provide powerful universal messages for all of us. It is important to note that in the Sacred Letter, the Higher Self is not always recognized by the one receiving the information because this differs from the personality that was expressed while in the body. We all have Higher Self, that aspect of our soul that is always guiding, loving and helping us, even if we are not consciously aware of it.

What is Personal Sacred Letter’s Life Coaching Sessions?
We offer Personal Sacred Letter’s Life Coaching sessions. Beth Mund, a certified Reiki Level II practitioner, has a Masters in Psychology and Wellness Coaching Certificate. She combines this training with her intuitive gifts and teachings directly from The Sacred Letters. This allows for powerful coaching sessions, promoting personal changes by uncovering patterns that keep us stuck, while addressing challenging areas in your life. Working individually with Beth helps bring the body and mind back into balance, allowing you to return to the natural flow of life.
How do we receive this information from spirit?
There are four intuitive gifts, or clair senses, that we use to connect with spirit. The combination of our gifts of mediumship and automatic writing accesses all of these senses beyond the physical, heightening our ability to tap into a more powerful connection.

Clairvoyance means clear seeing. This is when images, movies and visions, both past and present flash through our minds eye.

Clairaudience means clear hearing. We receive words, sounds, song lyrics, scripture or music.

Clairsentience means clear feeling. We are able to tap into and feel the spirit’s emotions or physical pain. We may get “gut” reactions, chills, profound love to even sadness in our connection with another or spirit.

Claircognizance means clear knowing. We receive an “intuitive hit” and know things on a deep level. This may relate to either the past, present or future.

What if I do not understand all of the information?
Some information may be symbolic while others may relate specifically to both the one requesting the reading and the spirit’s previous life. We most often hear confirmation about what is brought through, although at times, one may not recognize a particular message or image, only to understand it days, weeks or even months later.
How will I feel after receiving the reading?
Many people feel grateful and relieved knowing their loved ones are alive and well! What is brought into your awareness may take some time to process. We recommend reading the information provided a number of times and returning to it after some time has passed. New insights, thoughts and feelings will often emerge. There is no one right way to feel.

We have received feedback that our Personal Readings and Sacred Letters have been inspiring, insightful, and healing. Those who have requested our Readings have shared how the energy from the messages has impacted their minds and hearts, not only opening a new awareness and understanding around their connection with this loved one/spirit, but new possibilities in their own lives!

The combination of both the Personal Reading and Sacred Letter provides powerful insight into all we received, allowing for the greatest healing to open the mind, feel through the heart and connect with all there is.

Will my body feel different?
Our bodies and minds are inherently connected. Allow your body time to adjust and process the new information. Be gentle with yourself after receiving your reading. Drink water and rest to enable your mind and body to process all that is received.
How long will I need to wait for a reading?
Upon confirming receipt of your request, we will send you an email advising the day that we will be connecting. Please allow up to a week for us to send the Personal Reading/Sacred Letter via email.

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