We offer Personal Readings with a transcribed Sacred Letter from spirit.



What if your loved ones could send letters from the afterlife, helping you to live a life free from fear while tapping into an abundance of peace and love? 

Beth Mund and Berit Stover are messengers; they connect with people who have passed. In 2016, they discovered that not only could they connect around the same spirit, but together they could transcribe pages of messages from loved ones and strangers in the form of Sacred Letters. 

Their combined psychic and intuitive abilities opened a portal through which spiritual communication flows smoothly and rapidly. These messages open new possibilities for overcoming life’s challenges including guidance in moving forward and opening to messages beyond the five senses. Loved ones gift us all with their insights, wisdom and encouragement from an expanded understanding from their vantage point to help lift us from fear so that we can live more fully, with joy and peace.

In real-time communication with you, via text messaging, we can provide incredible insights that may help bring you peace especially around a loved one who has passed.

People have shared that these unique Readings have brought greater peace and insights, while helping them to feel more connected and in-tune with their own intuition and experiences receiving messages from those who have passed. 

I will reread this over and over, but you got so much of his essence. We met in kindergarten and began to date when we were going on 15. We were madly in love. He was always clean-shaven, but at the end he could no longer shave, so for the first time ever, Ron had a ten-day beard, and it was grey. He had Parkinson’s disease, very bent over, so you’ve seen him as he left us. I am overwhelmed. It was so great to hear from him. Thank you for what you do to ease the pain of the loved ones left behind with your gift of connecting with those who have passed away. I am so looking forward to understanding all of the messages in Ron’s letter and finding peace again. Beth, NC

I have honestly just been so floored with the entire letter. My best friend, who knew my dad well, bought me a dream journal since this letter. I have to say, he’s been showing up every night in my dreams. Thank you for connecting me with my dad. I hope he filled your heart up just as he did for those when he was alive. Molly, TN

When I started reading your feedback I felt really emotional and that you and Berit actually did connect with my dad. The four leaf clover references my mom who was Irish. They were really in love and my mom misses him so much! My dad’s reference to my intuitiveness is spot on. I have read it a couple of times and will continue to do so. I am so grateful to you both! Pam, Australia

We have two levels for our Personal Readings: 

Personal Reading:

 In our session, we will connect with your friend or loved one while communicating with you for 45 minutes via text messaging. We will share all that is streaming through during this time, so that you can ask questions and be part of this three-way communication.

You provide:  The first name of your friend or loved one and their relationship to you. You can also share a question that you are seeking to have answered. Please also send us one one or more photos showing their face and eyes. You can also ask a question that you are seeking to have answered.  

You will receive:   Connection with your loved one’s spirit. In our experience, the information is always healing, even when what comes forward is unexpected. All of this opens the individual to greater awareness, possibilities and peace. At the end of our session, you will have the full text stream to reread and reflect upon, many times bringing greater insights and strengthening your own connection

Level 1/ Personal Reading:  $100

Level 2/ Sacred Letter Reading: $150


Payment is made at the time of request.

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Sacred Letter Reading:

In our session, we will connect with your loved one while communicating with you for 60 minutes via text, sharing all that is streaming through during this time, so that you can ask questions and be part of this three-way communication. After that session, we will then connect separately with the loved one’s spirit to transcribe their Sacred Letter channeled.  

You provide:  The name of your friend or loved one and one or more photos showing their face and eyes. You can also ask a question that you are hoping to have answered. 

You will receive:   We will email you a full write-up of our connection with your loved one including an introduction, a transcribed Sacred Letter channeled for you, as well as our reflections. This beautiful written keepsake, along with the hour-long text message stream, can be read over time to bring peace and new insights.

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Offering(s) requested:
Spirit’s first name and relationship to the one requesting the reading.


What is the process?
We connect with the spirit of a loved one. Information from both the personality of the spirit, as well as the higher self or soul comes forward. Messages, images and words are recorded and either transcribed word for word or interpreted as needed. You do not need to be present during our connection with your loved one.
We cannot control what information the spirit wishes to bring forward. In our experience, the information is always healing, even when what comes forward is unexpected. Many times, patterns are identified to help the individual requesting the reading move forward to release emotional and physical blocks. Much of what we feel, see and hear from the spirit has to do with the here and now. All of this opens the individual to greater awareness, possibilities and peace.
There are four intuitive gifts, or clair senses, that we use to connect with spirit. The combination of our gifts of mediumship and automatic writing accesses all of these senses beyond the physical, heightening our ability to tap into a more powerful connection. Clairvoyance means clear seeing. This is when images, movies and visions, both past and present flash through our minds eye. Clairaudience means clear hearing. We receive words, sounds, song lyrics, scripture or music. Clairsentience means clear feeling. We are able to tap into and feel the spirit’s emotions or physical pain. We may get “gut” reactions, chills, profound love to even sadness in our connection with another or spirit. Claircognizance means clear knowing. We receive an “intuitive hit” and know things on a deep level. This may relate to either the past, present or future.
Some information may be symbolic while others may relate specifically to both the one requesting the reading and the spirit’s previous life. We most often hear confirmation about what is brought through, although at times, one may not recognize a particular message or image, only to understand it days, weeks or even months later.
Many people feel grateful and relieved knowing their loved ones are alive and well! What is brought into your awareness may take some time to process. We recommend reading the information provided a number of times and returning to it after some time has passed. New insights, thoughts and feelings will often emerge. There is no one right way to feel. We have received feedback that the Sacred Letter Reading experience was inspiring, insightful, and healing. Those who have requested our Readings have shared how the energy from the messages has impacted their minds and hearts, not only opening a new awareness and understanding around their connection with this loved one/spirit, but new possibilities in their own lives! As our bodies and minds are inherently connected, allow your body time to adjust and process the new information. Be gentle with yourself after receiving your reading. Drink water and rest to enable your mind and body to process all that is received.
Upon confirming receipt of your request, we will send you an email advising the day that we will be connecting. Please allow up to a week for us to send your Sacred Letter Reading via email.


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