What if your loved ones could send letters from the afterlife?

Living Beyond Fear gives powerful testimony to a world of spirits eager to communicate with those of us who can tune in and listen.

Beth Mund and Berit Stover were astonished when the Sacred Letters in this book began streaming through telepathically from the souls of loved ones and strangers, each with a distinct message.

In this inspiring collection, we hear from a grandparent, a yoga teacher, a young boy, a cheerleader, a famous musician—even a dog. Berit and Beth explain the story of how these individuals came into their awareness as well as the tragic circumstances in which many passed.

“I wish I could put into words how beautiful and special this book is. It speaks to everyone. I have re-read it 3 times and each time my heart opens even more to hope and love.”

– Tara

“Living Beyond Fear captivates you from the front cover to the very last page! Every letter provides compelling insights that truly grip your heart. A pure radiant source of wisdom.”


“I am personally aware of two of the stories contained in the first volume, and they are valid reports of what I know to be true. This is a book well worth reading.”



Beth and Berit discuss “Relationships and Soul Contracts” as well as give their thoughts to viewer questions during this LIVE Facebook discussion.  Join Beth and Berit for other LIVE “Conscious Conversations” and videos on The Sacred Letters Facebook page.

Relationships and Soul Contracts

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Posted by The Sacred Letters on Thursday, May 7, 2020

Berit Stover and Beth Mund, “tag-teaming” clairvoyants, opened the door to explore the spiritual realm only to discover a host of souls waiting to share their messages from the world beyond.

What happened next was remarkable!


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  • Celebrating Life
  • Surrendering Control
  • Transcending Grief
  • Welcoming Change
  • Connecting with Consciousness
  • Walking with Mother Earth
  • Healing from Addictions
  • Living Fearlessly


While you may miss that you can no longer touch or see me, I am still here.  I can be felt and known in a different way, a way that looks beyond the physical.  Look around you now.  You cannot see me with your eyes, but I am with you right now, as I have never left.  My breath continued on into the afterlife. I can be felt right beside you, holding you, hugging away your pain, and high above, showering harmony and love down upon all of you.


Beliefs of fear, doubt, worry, lack—these are illusions and we must not let them get in our way of loving within the chaos and finding those pockets. When our minds go to what we cannot change, we must understand this is interference. We must discard these thoughts, as they are part of the darkness and do not help us in any way. Believe that you can see past the obscurity, and you will. It is not just in the moments that we can see change, but in the hours, days, and years.

Passengers from a Plane Crash

We can all sing with the music, our performances limited between birth and death. We are all on one big stage and the more we interact, the greater the energy between us. When we sing together, we can rise up against any oppression of our differences. It does not matter what is real life or fantasy. It is all illusion and all real.


“Living Beyond Fear is a treasure. Berit and Beth have given us a true gift of wisdom that our world needs. This is a guide to help us know we are not alone, feel our feelings, and become our true, whole selves. My hope is for everyone to be able to take this book to heart and slowly, one being at a time, our world would fill with love. Thank you, for helping me feel courageous.”

– Nancy S., PhD.